A company built on quality commitment.

It is the on-going commitment of Schoonover Industries to provide the highest quality products and services at our most competitive prices and within our stated lead-time.

Schoonover Industries Inc. | Quality Commitment - Weld Quality

We achieve this through careful selection of raw materials and components, well planned and carefully executed production methods, adherence to best practices, thorough testing and proven manufacturing techniques by highly trained personnel.

We are committed to prompt responsiveness to any quality or service concerns. This promise applies to all our customers at every phase of our manufacturing and administrative process.

The Schoonover Industries’ team achieves this high standard by working together to continually monitor our effectiveness against the highest quality standards and we are constantly striving for continuous improvement through on-going process and production evaluation.

It is our policy to treat our customers, suppliers, associates and each other with respect and consideration. Total quality control is embraced by all of us, and all individuals have the ability to stop work-in-process that is viewed as non-conforming to our strict standards.

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our business and is a way of life for our company.